Melanie Amaro continues work on new music and CD

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Melanie Amaro continues work on a new album and provides pictures of recording sessions

July, 2013 Melanie Amaro begins dropping multiple hints that she has new music in the works:
7/4 On LA Hair - mentions work on a new video - her and Piano. (View Video)

(Above Retweeted by Melanie 7/22/13)
October - More mentions of her new music - and begins providing pics of recording sessions
Melanie clarified she retweeted Jordan as a way of speaking of her music:


Below Melanie in studio with @dreknight13
Melanie Amaro in the Studio with @dreknight13 10/6/13












Above: Instagram photo 10/6/13

Raquelangelique "Rocki" Boulis - Melanie's Duet Partner
Rocki Boulis
Above: "S/O to my beautiful new follower, friend, and duet partner ..."  11/7/2013

Below "Girl Code" Rocki Boulis Featuring Melanie Amaro

Melanie in the recording studio 11/12/13
Melanie Recording - posted 11/12/13

Melanie in the studio with Damon Thomas - deep in conversation
Melanie at the studio deep in conversation with Damon Thomas
Posted 11/14/13

Above - Melanie on - March 2014


Retweeted by Melanie 4/26/2014


Below - Melanie - releases " I Will Always Love You" a Tribute to Whitney Houston
Which will likely be on the new CD

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