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About this Site is non-commercial, fan operated site whose purpose is two fold. First, as the name implies, our purpose is to get more of Melanie Amaro:

  • More Music
  • More Visibility
  • More Invitations for guest appearances
  • Etc.

Our primary method for doing is to use this online medium to exhort, encourage, cajole and remind those decision makers that we, the fans of Melanie Amaro,

  • Want more Melanie Amaro
  • Are not pleased with the way she has been ignored and neglected
  • Want her CD to be released
  • Will not quietly go away and let her sink into obscurity

Second, our purpose is to encourage Melanie Amaro - to keep pursuing her dreams, to keep making music, and to never forget the many blessings she has been given, and will no doubt continue to receive from above.

This site is not affiliated With Epic, Syco Music, The X Factor or any other media entity. And apart from being a fan and close follower of Ms. Amaro, we have no affiliation with her. Being a non-commercial site, we make no money from the sale of any of Ms. Amaro's music listed on the site; they are presented simply for ease of access and to encourage sales.