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Melanie Amaro


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The Mission of this Site: to provide the support, promotion and encouragement to Melanie Amaro that Epic has apparently elected not to do. Therefore:

Let it be known

That we, the fans of Melanie Amaro, are not going to sit idly by and let the music of this gifted, beautiful, talented young singer languish unheard while her music company goes merrily on its way focusing on other singers.

We stand behind Melanie one hundred percent and intend to continue to let the world (music companies, radio stations, talk shows, song writers, etc) know that we want to hear more Melanie Amaro!

We want Epic to work diligently to complete Melanie's CD and then to actually RELEASE it - with the promotion befitting the winner of the first season of the X Factor.

We intend to let our voices be heard until we get the appropriate people to LISTEN.