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Privacy Policy

Your Information is Safe

This is a non-commercial site, and as such, we are no commercial interest in your personal information. Any personal information that is collected (such as twitter account names as in guest books) is to:
1. Allow responses and interaction 
2. In accordance with our stated goals, to allow interested media outlets to view a small representation of Ms. Amaro's active fan base.

We will not sell or disclose private personal information. (Some software in use at this site requires us to request email addresses, but we will not sell or disclose them.)  However, in accordance with our stated goals, at the request of media outlets interested in promoting Melanie Amaro in accordance with our stated  goals, we may supply a list of non-personally identifiable information you have already made public (such as comments, etc.).

Cookies and anonymous identifiers

We integrate with a number of third party sites that use various technologies to collect and store information, and this may include sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device. We may also use cookies or anonymous identifies to enable future features.

This policy is subject to change.